BDI and PDSH exchange accusations about the ambassadors to Albania and Kosovo

BDI and PDSH exchange accusations about the ambassadors to Albania and Kosovo

Skopje, November 19, 2013

BDI and PDSH, both Albanian parties in the parliament of FYROM have exchanged accusations today about the appointment of ambassadors in the respective embassies in Tirana and Pristina, where Macedonians are usually chosen for these posts and not Albanians. These accusations were addressed today in the proceedings of the parliamentary committee during the presentation of the newly appointed ambassador of FYR Macedonia to Kosovo, Ilija Strashevski. PDSH lawmaker, Orhan Ibrahimi has demanded as to why the party in power, BDI never appoints an Albanian ambassador to Kosovo and Albania.

“You are manipulating the people. Why shouldn’t our ambassador to Kosovo or Albania be an Albanian? It’s been 12 years that you’re in power. I’ll tell you the reason why, because BDI officials have penetrated secret services and they are corrupt. FYROM doesn’t see Kosovo and Albania as friendly countries”, said Ibrahimi.

Ibrahimi has further criticized Strashevski by accusing him of being prepared by secret services.

BDI lawmaker, Ermira Mehmeti reacted by saying that Ibrahimi’s declarations are dangerous.

“Don’t talk of patriotism after what you’ve done. Your leader has cursed all Albanians who have voted BDI and you can find his curse on Dnevnik newspaper. How can you talk of patriotism? Leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti has never done this. How can you talk of patriotism when the former mayor of Tetovo used to say to Macedonians not to vote for BDI, as they would build a monument of the National Liberation Army. You speak of espionage and you, yourself, hired your men to find a spy in Belgrade who has forged biographies”, replied Mehmeti.

The new ambassador to Kosovo, Ilija Strashevski said that he will commit to represent FYROM with honor in Kosovo and that he will defend the interests of the state that he represents. /ibna/