BDI leader: Skopje between integration and isolation

BDI leader: Skopje between integration and isolation

Skopje, October 2, 2013

Leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti continues on his visit in Brussels, where he has held meetings with EU senior officials. Accompanied by the Minister of EU integration, Fatmir Besimi, Ahmeti has expressed his concern about the domestic political developments in FYROM, the stalling in the fulfillment of obligations that relate to Albanians and Ohrid Agreement and also the stalling of the process of Euro Atlantic integration due to the failure to resolve the name dispute.

Ahmeti’s press office informs that in the meetings with senior EU officials, leader of BDI has asked for help in order to unblock the general political crisis and like he called it, the isolation of the country.

Ahmeti has met with the special NATO envoy in the 2001 conflict in FYROM, Peter Faith, EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fule and director for Western Balkan in the EU Council, Jonas Johnson.

Ahmeti and Fule have talked about the European perspective of FYROM along with the need to take the right decisions in order to be granted the date for the start of negotiations with the Union, the fulfillment of obligations of the Ohrid Agreement and the solution of the name dispute.

The two interlocutors agreed about the need to take courageous decisions in order to insure the future of the country in the EU.

“FYROM must choose between integration and isolation”, said Ahmeti. Delegation of BDI will hold meetings with officials of the EU Council and MEPs. /ibna/