BDI is expected to decide on the new government

BDI is expected to decide on the new government

Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) will discuss tonight the political situation in the country related to the formation of the new government. The party’s steering committee will decide on whether to participate in a government with VMRO-DPMNE or look into other options.

The member of BDI’s steering committee, Rafis Aliti said that the four points of BDI are nonnegotiable and both VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM must accept this platform.

“The agreement reached between Albanian parties is the key platform for the creation of the government. Both VMRO or SDSM must accept it if they want a government”, Aliti said.

BDI demands for the Albanian language to become official in the entire territory of the country, the extension of the Special Prosecution’s mandate and the integration of the country in European Atlantic structures.

Nikola Gruevski, who has been given the mandate to form the government, must do this until 29 January. In case this is not achieved, then the mandate will be passed on to the second largest party, SDSM led by Zoran Zaev.

But, experts of constitutional affairs say that president George Ivanov cannot offer the mandate to the second largest party, as this is not allowed by the Constitution. /