Bazo: The creation of two Albanian armies in the Balkans is a major achievement

Bazo: The creation of two Albanian armies in the Balkans is a major achievement

Pristina, March 18, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The general chief of staff of Albanian Armed Forces, general major Jeronim Bazo has met during an official visit to Kosovo with general major Kadri Kastrati. Both interlocutors said that cooperation of armed forces of Kosovo and Albania is and will remain strong.

Bazo was received in an official ceremony by the ceremonial unit of Kosovo Security Force. He said that the creation of two Albanian armies in the Balkan would be a commendable achievement which would be envied by other countries. Bazo has considered this as NATO’s blessing for Kosovo, recognizing and identifying the achievements of KSF.

Kastrati said that this meeting discussed the growth of joint capacities of the two forces. He said that he has informed the general major on the increase of the capacities of KSF and added that joint projects are needed in order for Armed Forces of Kosovo to be part of the NATO family in the future.

Jeronim Bazo declared that Armed Forces of Albania, Ministry of Defense of Albania in general will be seriously engaged in order to give a new impulse to bilateral relations.

According to the general major of Albania, this is a good step which indicates how the alliance is receiving the development of Kosovo’s Security Force.

He added that the fact that the alliance is present through KFOR mission, indicates its political and military position. /ibna/