Basketball World Cup – Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey progress to knockout phase

Basketball World Cup – Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey progress to knockout phase


Review Hari Stefanatos

Greece-Argentina 79-71

The “saga” of the Greek national basketball team at the World Cup in Spain continues. The “blue and white” armada of Fotis Katsikaris defeated Argentina by 79-71, reached five wins in as many games and completed their obligations by finishing top of Group B’.

In the phase of “16”, the Greek team will face Serbia in Madrid, on September 7, in a knockout match for entry in the quarterfinals of the tournament. In contrast, Argentina finished third and will face their vicious neighbor Brazil on the road to the quarterfinals.

Characteristic of the superiority of the Greek team, who beat Argentina for the first time since 1990, is that the difference reached up to 19 early in the third period, but complacency allowed opponents to close the gap to -2 (68-70) four minutes before the end, but that’s as far as they went. The Greek engine fired up again and with excellent defending and clear mind in the attack they “choked” their opponents.

Periods: 28-16, 44-33, 64-50, 79-71

Greece: Mantzaris, Bourousis 16, Zissis 13, Vassiliadis 2, Calathis 18, Papanikolaou 6 Sloukas 3, Kaimakoglou 2, Antetokounmpo 6, Vougioukas 4, Printezis 15.

Spain-Serbia 89-73

Serbia could not make it against Spain, loosing with the “heavy” 89-73.

The game, which took place in Granada, was indifferent to the Iberians having already finished first in the group and will face Senegal in the knockout phase, while Serbia finished fourth and will play with Greece.

The Gasol brothers dominated in scoring (20 ml., The Pau) and rebounds (eight by Marc) and Ricky Rubio scored 12 points and six assists as the ‘Furias Rojas’ did the “five in five” against the players of Sasha Djordjevic, who were unable to follow the pace of the game. Nemanja Bjelica was the best player of Serbia with 19 points and ten rebounds.

Periods: 20-34, 35-54, 56-71, 73-89

Serbia: (Sasha Djordjevic): Teodosic 10 (2), Simonovic 5 (1), Jovic, Bogdanovic 8 (2), Bjelica 19 (1), Markovic 4, Kalinic 1, Bircevic 5 (1), Krstic 2, Raduljica 13, Katic, Stimac 6.

Croatia – Puerto Rico 103-82

Croatia after the defeats from Senegal and Greece, broke out in Puerto Rico and came to a broad victory with the score at 103-82. For Repesa’s team, Bogdanovic stood out with 23 points, while for Puerto Rico Barea scored 31 points.

The next match for the Croatians is with France on September 6.

Periods: 28-16, 53-36, 84-57, 103-82.

Croatia (Repesa): Tomic 7, Adric 6, Lafayette 5, Bogdanovic 23, Saric 15, Rudez 6, Ukic 7, Simon 9, Markota 10, Hezonja 2, Zoric 9, Babic 4.

Lithuania – Slovenia 67-64

Lithuania beat Slovenia 67-64 for Group 4 of the World Championship with the losers scoring just two points in the last quarter, while they were ahead with 7 after three quarters.

For the winners the first scorer was Valanciunas with 12 points, while Darius Lavrinovic added 11. For the losers, Lorbek had 14, followed by Zupan 13, Goran Dragic 12 and Zoran Dragic 10.

The next game for Slovenia in the knockout stage will be against the Dominican Republic.

Periods: 22-24, 36-44, 55-62, 67-64.

Slovenia (Jure Zdovc): Balazic 3 (1), Slokar 5, Muric, Zupan 13 (1), G. Dragic 12, Z. Dragic 10 (2), Lorbek 14 (2), Klobucar, Omic 7.

Turkey-Dominican Republic 77-64

Turkey with Oguz Savas scoring 15 points and 6 rebounds prevailed 77-64 in the game against the Dominican Republic and finished second in Group C, leaving their opponents third. In the knockout stage the Turks will face Australia.

Periods: 14-13, 41-23, 60-41, 77-64.

Turkey: Osman 7, Güler 2, Ermis, Akyol 9, Hersek 3, Preldzic 9, Tunceri 2, Savas 15, Gonlum 10, Arslan 3, Asik 9, Aldemir 8.