Basha: Elections and stability endangered by drugs, crime and corruption

Basha: Elections and stability endangered by drugs, crime and corruption

Tirana, 28 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha expresses his concern that next year’s elections are threatened by criminal acts. Mr. Basha shared this concern along with a number of other concerns of the opposition with the Vice Assistant Secretary of State for the Rule of Law and International Drug Traffic, Alexandre Arvizu and the US ambassador, Donald Lu.

After the meeting, Basha said that drugs, decriminalization, corruption and elections were the focus of this meeting.

Basha said that he shared his concern about the growth of the cultivation and trafficking of drugs throughout the entire territory of the country. He said that police in neighboring countries have blocked so far record amounts of narcotics coming from Albania.

According to Basha, the transport of drugs is being made through the land, by air and by sea, pointing out cases of drug smuggling with motorboats and airplanes. He also mentioned the construction of a small airfield in the middle of Albania, serving to the international drug traffic which is massively cultivated this year in Albania.

“This massive amount and the easy ways of transporting it from Albania would be impossible without the cooperation and the protection of special structures of the State Police and its heads”.

He said that drugs criminalize society, economy and politics.

Basha also launched a warning for the impact of drugs, crime and corruption in the elections and also launched an appeal for the USA.

“Albania is in a dangerous crossroad for democracy and the rule of law, therefore it is time for a strong public and political reaction against this clear and big threat to our joint investment for a democratic, stabile and Euro Atlantic Albania”, was the request addressed by Basha to the US officials. /