Ban Ki-moon praises the continuation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

Ban Ki-moon praises the continuation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

Pristina, 15 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

United Nations has published the quarterly report for the Republic of Kosovo. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, as author of this document, has praised the continuation of dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade and the agreement reached on the judicial system.

He said that one of the priority and most decisive issues for the state of Kosovo is the creation of the Association of Serb Communes.

According to the report published in the United Nations website, Ban Ki-moon says that the agreement for the integration of the judicial system in the northern part of Kosovo, reached on 9 February of this year, shows that the two sides are committed for the implementation of the Brussels Agreement and the continuation of dialogue.

The report also says that Pristina and Belgrade must take all the necessary steps in order to implement all the agreements that have been reached.

He says that it’s very important that Pristina and Belgrade make progress in the implementation of those provisions of the Brussels Agreement which have not yet been implemented.

Ban Ki-moon has called upon political leaders in Belgrade and Pristina to create the Association of Serb Communes as soon as possible, through talks with Serbs of Kosovo and their political leaders.

Noting that authorities of Kosovo have taken steps in order to form the Special Tribunal, which will try the offenses identified in the findings of the EU Special Investigation Unit, Ban Ki-moon says that the other steps are even more important.

“It’s important that the future steps in the process, which are decisive for the future of Kosovo, to be taken more rapidly and I invite political leaders in Kosovo to double their efforts for this”, said the UN Secretary General.

Ban Ki-moon has praised “the clear determination shown by the government of Kosovo for the necessary economic reforms, for the rule of law and the promotion of trust between communities in Kosovo”, in spite of the numerous challenges faced in the first 100 days in office.

Security situation in Kosovo has remained stable, says the report, although there are examples of violence, such as the protests in Pristina and several other  violent incidents in the northern part of Mitrovica.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon also points out the large number of attacks in empty properties, the owners of which belong to minority communities.

He says that the main obstacle for the return of those who have been displaced, consist on the unsolved issue of ownership.

Efforts, says the Secretary General, must be made in order to strengthen stability in the northern part of Kosovo and that in this aspect, local leaders in the north of Kosovo and authorities of Kosovo must be engaged in a constructive way to solve disputes about local budgets and continue to provide basic services.

The Secretary General has also hailed the joint police efforts of several European countries in cooperation with Pristina and Belgrade to stop illegal migration from Kosovo.

Once again, he points out the need of “taking further steps in order to improve social and economic conditions in Kosovo and to address the causes that lead people to leave the country”.

The report includes the period from 16 January to 15 April 2015 and it will be discussed in the May 26 meeting of the UN Security Council. /ibna/