“Balkans will never find peace until Serbia admits its crimes”

“Balkans will never find peace until Serbia admits its crimes”

Conflicts between Kosovo and Serbia seem to be the only unsolved dispute in the region at the moment. The process of dialogue that was launched in 2011 aiming at normalizing relations between the two countries, is yet to produce the necessary results.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj says that the Balkans will not find peace until Serbia admits the crimes that it has committed in the 1990s.

In commemoration of the so called Great Krusha massacre, where 243 men were killed, Haradinaj said that Serbian leaders continue to deny the reality about the war crimes.

“The decision that NATO took in 1999 to put an end to the tragedy that was happening in Kosovo was the right decision. I hear many Serb politicians who deny the crimes and suffering inflicted upon us. There have been tens of places where innocent civilians have been killed”, Haradinaj declared.

The PM said that “it’s inconceivable how Serbia is seeking something in return of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence”.

“How can they deny the Krusha massacre? How are they planning to bring peace in the Balkans? We agreed to engage in dialogue despite the large number of people that disappeared during the war. How is it possible that they’re demanding Kosovo to deliver certain conditions before dialogue can resume”, Haradinaj said.

Serbia has demanded for dialogue to resume on condition that tariff barriers introduced on Serbian imports are scrapped. Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic has declared that it will be hard for the two countries to address all of their issues, however, according to him, dialogue cannot resume if taxes are not lifted.

US ambassador to Belgrade, Kyle Scott said in a news conference on Tuesday that dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia is a very complex process and that the countries will get nowhere by laying blame on each other.

“I think that the two sides will get nowhere if they blame each other. Instead, they will resume talks”, Scott said in a press conference.