The Balkan’s only alternative is the European Union, says Kosovo’s president

The Balkan’s only alternative is the European Union, says Kosovo’s president

Pristina, 8 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, who is participating in the summit of presidents of the “Brdo-Brione” process, which is being held in Budva, Montenegro, said that in the recent years, the Balkan countries have marked progress in their democratic consolidation.

“Today we are taking an important turn and also challenging for our countries and the region of Southeast Europe in general. The progress that our countries have marked in their democratic consolidation in the recent years has become undeniable and has now become tangible through the intensification of practices that make this a functional democracy”, declared Jahjaga.

However, Jahjaga said that a lot of work must still be done in meeting the reforms required by the European Commission.

“While a part of the reforms are internal issues of our countries and institutions, a part of them depend on our will to collaborate in a pragmatic way and in order to take the region and our countries forward”, Jahjaga said.

According to her, the Balkan region has no other perspective besides Euro Atlantic integration.

“Our joint objective is to become part of the European Union and this must not only remain a declaration. As the President of Kosovo, the youngest state in the region, want to strongly believe that this strategic objective has no alternative as a result of the past and ideological agendas”, Jahjaga added.

President Jahjaga stressed the need for more cooperation between the countries of the region in the economic aspect. /ibna/