Balkans 28/03/20: 13.295 outbreaks and 226 deaths

Balkans 28/03/20: 13.295 outbreaks and 226 deaths

More than 645,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide by Saturday, 28 March 2020, as more than 29,900 people have died. A total of 139,550 patients have recovered. In the Balkan region and in the countries monitored by IBNA 13,295 cases have been reported while the death toll has risen to 226.

Turkey, with 1,704 confirmed new cases and 16 deaths, already counts 108 deaths and 7,402 confirmed coronavirus cases. 42 patients have recovered and 309 remain in critical condition.

Romania reported 160 new cases, with the number of outbreaks surging to 1,452. There were 4 deaths, with the total death toll at 30. 139 people have recovered while 34 remain in critical condition.

In Greece, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 amounts to 1,061 following the 95 new outbreaks announced today. 32 patients have lost their lives, of whom 4 in the last 24 hours. 52 have been released from hospital as 66 are in critical condition.

Slovenia has recorded 684 confirmed cases after announcing 52 new coronavirus cases today. The total number of victims is 9, while 10 patients have recovered and 25 are in critical condition.

Serbia announced 131 new outbreaks with the total number skyrocketing to 659; 2 more people lost their lives due to coronavirus, with the total number of victims amounting to 10. 42 have recovered and 25 remain in critical condition.

Croatia has 657 COVID-19 outbreaks as 71 new cases were confirmed today alongside 2 more deaths, raising the number to 5. There are 14 patients in critical condition and 45 have recovered.

Bulgaria has confirmed 331 cases of coronavirus of which 38 were reported today; as 3 more deaths were announced, the number of casualties has gone up to 6 across the country. 11 people have been released from hospital while 8 remain in critical condition.

Bosnia and Herzegovina announced today 1 loss, with 5 deaths so far. There were 21 new confirmed cases in the country today, with a total of 258. Five (5) patients have recovered and one is in critical condition.

North Macedonia reported that 1 patient lost their life today as there have been 4 coronavirus-related deaths to date; 22 new cases were confirmed, increasing the number of outbreaks to 241. Three (3) patients have recovered while one (1) remains in critical condition.

In Albania there have been 197 confirmed cases after 11 more outbreaks and 2 deaths were reported today, as the country counts 10 casualties so far. 31 have recovered and 3 are in critical condition.

The numbers also went up in Cyprus which now counts 179 outbreaks, as 17 new cases were confirmed today; the death toll remained unchanged at 5. There are 3 people in critical condition and 15 have recovered.

In Kosovo, 2 new people were diagnosed with COVID-19 bringing the total number of cases to 90, with one (1) recorded death.

Montenegro announced 2 new cases with a total of 84. One (1) death has been recorded, while one (1) patient is in critical condition. /ibna