“Balcony” by Lendita Zeqiraj in the “KahBang” festival in the USA

“Balcony” by Lendita Zeqiraj in the “KahBang” festival in the USA

Pristina, July 22, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

“Balcony”, a short film by the producer from Kosovo, Lendita Zeqiri, continues its journey in the international cinema stage.

The next stop was the “KahBang” festival, which is held in Maine, USA, a typical American festival dedicated to independent cinema, from August 7 to August 10.

“Balcony” is participating in this festival as it was announced as the best film in the “Art All Night” short film festival in New Jersey.

“Balcony” by Lendita Zeqiraj belongs to short films and it lasts 20 minutes. This film reflects today’s Kosovo.

The protagonist of the film is Jeton, a 10 year old boy, who is sitting on the side of a balcony located on the fourth floor of an apartment block built decades ago.

The neighbors and people passing by, terrified by this situation have called police and firefighters…and this is how the events go on.

scenes from Balcony

“Balcony” takes a look at the authentic mentality of the Kosovar society, which may soon turn into an absurd situation.

The technique of the movie, which has been applied by the producer, is the most difficult technique in cinema, that of filming from a single plan.

This film has also participated in the Venice film festival, in Leeds, “AF I Fest” in Los Angeles, “Thessaloniki Fest”, in Italy, Warsaw, etc.

Meanwhile Zeqiraj has also given an award by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and recently, the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo has said that it will support its next film.

For Lendita Zeqriraj, this is not the first time that she appears in the world film stage, as her films have been present in over 40 international film festivals, where they have been awarded many times.


The cast of the film:

Arben Bajraktaraj, Sevdai Radogoshi, Osman Ahmeti, Sefedin Nuredini, Shengyl

Ismajli, Kujtim Kryeziu, Gjin Kastrati, Avni Dalipi, Edona Reshitaj, Adriana Matoshi,

Burhan Sejdiu, Afrim Muçaj, Mevlan Saraçi, Leonora Mehmetaj, Mejreme Berisha,

Nexhmije Selca, Merfi Gashi, Shqipe Gashi, Gojart Kqiku, Flamur Hasani, Halit

Bytyqi and Naim Kabashi.

Lendita Zeqiraj CV:

Lendita Zeqiraj was born in Pristina, Kosovo in 1972. As a producer and visual artist, Lendita has attended two art schools in Kosovo and France. She was graduated and post graduated on visual arts in the Art Academy of Pristina, Kosovo and then followed her Master studies in the domain of films in Paris, France.

She has produced documentary films, which have participated in many international film festivals such as: Palm Springs Fest Short, she was awarded in the AFI Fest, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, International Film Festival of Warsaw, Leeds Festival Film, Trieste Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival, International Film Festival of Bermuda, FESTROIA International Film Festival, Busan International Festival, etc. /ibna/