Bad weather causes 21 victims in Skopje, state of emergency announced

Bad weather causes 21 victims in Skopje, state of emergency announced

Skopje, 8 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The number of victims from the bad weather in Skopje on Saturday and Sunday evening has reached 21. Last night, government in FYROM has announced the state of emergency in the region of Skopje and Tetovo, while today (08.08) will be a day of mourning.

Police have identified the victims and the majority of them is from the quarter of Hasanbeg and the village of Stajkovc in Skopje. Among the victims is also a 2 year old child.

The heavy storms caused many damages in the quarters of Hasanbeg, Stajkovc, Smilkovce and a part of Haracine, where hundreds of homes went under water, a part of them were demolished as a result of landslides and many cars were also damaged. The areas which were hit have remained without power supply, while authorities have advised people not to use the water for drinking due to its pollution. There have also been damages on the highway along these residential areas.

Tetovo has also seen rainfalls in the mountainous areas.

According to the Ministry of Interior, in the night of the tragedy, over 70 cars were blocked near the highway, ending up on the fields as a result of the floods.

Last night, the government has announced the state of emergency in the areas that have been hit, while on the ground, rescue teams from the army, police units and other authorities have been mobilized.

The government and city of Skopje have approved an aid fund for the families that have been hit by the floods and the families of the victims. On the other hand, food and other supplies have reached these areas. Many countries of the region including Kosovo, Serbia, Greece have offered their help. The situation becomes even serious given the fact that the rainfalls have not stopped. /

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