Bad news from VMRO-DPMNE is good news

Bad news from VMRO-DPMNE is good news

Erol Rizaov

Bad news from VMRO-DPMNE is good news for Macedonia. The collapse of the only legal revolutionary party in Europe can be prevented by President Hristijan Mickoski if he submits an irrevocable resignation, which will mark the beginning of the consolidation of the opposition.

The widespread tsunami of resignations in the party top if they wiped out all compromised heirs and admirers of Nikola Gruevski, who for more than a decade worked on the ruination and looting of the state and citizens, could save the party faster and painlessly if the conflict after months of intra-party fighting ended with the dismissal of Mickoski. And, the worst for VMRO-DPMNE and best for Macedonia would be for Mickoski to stay with his like-minded people lonely on the bankrupt throne, in the palace under bankruptcy. Only crumbs of the stolen and extorted money went to the party treasury, which, after Gruevski’s departure, was left empty without a dime. To be exact, it is full of mortgages. Millions of blackmails, bribes and provisions ended up in their pockets. The richest party in Europe is a bankrupt in every respect. The White Palace and the party’s other assets are frozen and must not be sold. Court proceedings, which are ongoing and those who are yet to be opened, will confirm the truth about the greatest robbery of the century since the start of the VMRO’s looting quest, whose maximum was reached by DPMNE.

When Hristijan Mickoski, a month before the referendum, decided to think for twenty days on the position the party would have, he had the chance to think and make preparations for releasing the heavy burden that those you brought him to the throne had put on his back. He did not think of anything good. On the contrary, he chose the most wrong side, to go barefoot through thorns against all common sense and logical solutions. And instead of showing that there is no good solution without the opposition and without VMRO-DPMNE, he proved that the historic processes can no longer be hindered. Instead of pointing out that there is no entry into Europe and NATO without a joint proclamation to the citizens for achieving the strategic interests that VMRO-DPMNE determined since the formation of the party, it has further aggravated the conflict with all relevant political parties in the country. He came into conflict with the most influential statesmen of the European Union and with NATO’s interests, opposed the policy of America’s strategic partner, leaped on all its neighbors and finally began to compete with the party’s opponents.

Such a loser, anti-state, anti-party doctrine after 20 days of thinking on which side to set off, the departing country’s President Gjorge Ivanov could not think after ten years of deep observation of the future of Macedonia. In particular, it is difficult for a person to judge whose mistakes are the most traumatic and the most difficult – to Gruevski who ruled without any control for 11 years, President Ivanov, who fulfilled party tasks for nine and a half years, or Mickoski who in a few months, instead of untying them both, took over their inheritance and the whole ballast of their mistakes. The pitiful product of Mickoski’s moves is VMRO-DPMNE’s recognition, at home and abroad, as an anti-Western, anti-NATO and anti-European anachronistic nationalist party, which has no single partner in the state, a political party that causes distrust among all in the neighborhood do not see the opportunity for good cooperation and friendship.

I wish the solution for Macedonia would be the latest moves when the typical VMRO historically inherited fight between patriots and traitors, snitches and robbers, of the true and false dukes and founders of the revolutionary organization began. Mickoski’s move to unload into the backyard of political opponents the burden that was put on his back, while retaining the unpopular main culprit, provoked strong reactions not only at the party’s top, but also throughout the public. VMRO-DPMNE’s dirty laundry is not only in courtrooms and the so-called bombs, but also in public appearances of the untouched party leadership. Some new faces look tragicomically, old well-known faces, who are still trying to sell cheap lies about world conspiracies, about betraying and saving Macedonia from the agreement with Greece and the Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian and Serbian networks, spies and media that are tirelessly operating  in the country against Macedonia.

Their calls for saving the identity of the Macedonian people already serve as ridicule among the most hardcore who disappeared from the public scene. They resemble the latest Japanese fanatics who waited for the enemy until twenty years ago on the empty islands of the Pacific. The difference is that they did not know that the Second World War was over, more than 50 years ago. These are our patriots, who never fired a single bullet in their lives, and when they speak in front of the cameras they shout like crazy, still do not know that it is they who inflict the greatest shame upon the state and the party and all citizens because they have not yet understood that the battle to rescue Macedonia has been completed precisely with the Prespa agreement. Trampled by time, newspapers write fantastic theses that not even science can answer. They know everything. There is nothing they did not anticipate and did not write on time, but there was no one to understand them.

The exit from the crisis is already looming, although in Macedonia it can never be said that it is over until it is over. MPs of VMRO-DPMNE and those who opposed the unreasonable and losing directives that are free from fear, are those who will release the party from the heavy ballast. Constitutional changes will be adopted by a majority of two thirds. The new leadership of VMRO-DPMNE will participate in the Euro-Atlantic integration of the state and as an opposition and is not excluded at one time and as a power. In the next ten years, there will be a lot of work for everyone while the negotiations with Brussels are ongoing.

Pardons, not amnesty, can happen after the main organizers of a coup attempt on April 27 2017, and those who were obliged to prevent and didn’t do so, would serve half their prison sentences. Reconciliation and forgiveness can happen with those who have been victims of orders and pressures, and who have admitted their guilt with remorse and apology. Other accused of serious crimes and criminal organizations, for organized crime and corruption, will pay off debts for their crimes for a long time. These are the principles of governance without which there is no departure from the Balkans. Macedonia is on track to reach the goal.

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