B-H: Migrants to be relocated to the Serb village Lipa

B-H: Migrants to be relocated to the Serb village Lipa

Despite the protest of Serbs in Federation BiH, especially those who had homes in the village Lipa, in Una-Sana Canton (USC), police began the transfer of migrants in this village. It is a newly opened reception camp, located between Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac. Before the ’92-’95 war, the village was inhabited by Serbs and the vast majority of them fled at the end of the war and found refuge in Republika Srpska.

After Federation BiH announced the decision to establish a reception camp for migrants in this village, its former inhabitants said that they have been waiting for 25 years for the Government to repair some basic infrastructure for their return, but it never happened. Now, in just a month since the decision was taken, all living conditions have been restored, including internet and phone networks.

“The construction of a migrant centre in the Serb village of Lipa near Bihać is a message that Serbs are not welcome in the Federation of BiH”, said the Serb deputy to the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament, Goran Broćeta.

He said that “the fact that the FBiH authorities managed to construct, in a very short time, an urban settlement for migrants in the Serb village of Lipa is a clear indication that they are only efficient when it comes to the usurpation and destruction of Serb property in FBiH”.

He notes that, on the other hand, a series of problems Serb returnees have been facing across the Federation of BiH will never be included in the agenda.

“As they call it, the reception centre is the most humane refuge camp for migrants so far, so we can rightly doubt that it will be a permanent solution. However, pre-war residents were sent a clear message that they no longer have anything to look for there, while the rest of us will wonder what tomorrow will bring and whether Drvar, Grahovo or Glamoč might become new sites for accommodating migrants to finally break the most homogeneous Serb territory in FBiH”, Broćeta emphasizes.

“We will not allow them to insidiously, away from the public eye, take advantage of the current situation in BiH,” Broćeta added.

The International Organisation for Migration announced today that the Lipa camp near Bihać is ready for the reception for up to 1,000 migrants and refugees./ibna