Giannis Agouridis


Giannis is a journalist, member of the Union of Journalists of Athens. He has also graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), as his studies were on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He began his journalism career on the newspapers in 2005, as he worked for “AXIA” and “Broker Advisor”, specialized in economic affairs. In 2006, he participated in the production of a tv news broadcast called “money 9”, as he worked at the “Channel 9”. In the meantime, he worked for some portals such as “AXIANEWS” and a newspaper named “6DAYS”, and now he is writing in “AVGI” and “BIGBUSINESS.GR”, with a strong interest in macroeconomics. He has commented to several Greek media such as the “STAR CHANNEL”, “SKAI”, “KONTRA CHANNEL”, “ERT” and “E CHANNEL”. He has interviewed a lot of significant politicians and economists and he has covered all the negotiations between the Greek goverments and the Institutions during the period of the 3 Memoranda.