Austrian president brings back normality to the parliament of Kosovo

Austrian president brings back normality to the parliament of Kosovo

Pristina, 29 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Austrian president, Heinz Fischer has addressed a speech today to Members of Parliament in Kosovo. In his honor, in today’s session, the opposition has not manifested violent acts to block the work of this institution.

In his speech, Fischer demanded from MPs to work together in building democracy and the future of the state.

“The national interest requires you to work together. Democracy is not perfect, but we must work for it”, Fischer said.

To clarify MPs on the notion of democracy, he used poetic words.

“Democracy is like a flower that must be watered and preserved”, the Austrian president said.

Fischer also spoke of the economy and fight against poverty.

“A strong economic basis must be created and if we create a sustainable economic system and minimize differences between the rich and the poor, then this democracy will work out well”, the Austrian president said.

While he was delivering his speech, opposition MPs had laid out banners across their seats.

One of them asked Heinz Fischer to watch his back, as according to the banner, liars and corrupt people were sitting behind him. Meanwhile, through another banner, opposition MPs asked for Serb homogeneity toward Kosovo to stop.


Fischer is visiting Kosovo at a time when opposition parties are trying to stop parliamentary proceedings, even by letting teargas inside of the hall, with the aim of forcing the government to withdraw from the August 25 agreements signed in Brussels and that of the demarcation signed a day later in Vienna.

Opposition parties said that as of Monday, they will continue to block the work of institutions. Leader of Self Determination, Visar Ymeri said that parliament of Kosovo will not see normality unless there’s a withdrawal from the agreements.

Asked about the decision of president Atifete Jahjaga that the agreement for the Association will be sent to the Constitutional Court, Ymeri said that this court doesn’t enjoy any credibility and that it has never protected the Constitution. /ibna/