Auctioning of nationwide television licenses enters final straight

Auctioning of nationwide television licenses enters final straight

Athens, April 18, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Started Friday the public consultation “opengov” on the draft of the announcement of the open international tender for the licensing of digital nationwide television stations. The consultation, in which all Greek citizens and interested parties can participate, will last one week, until this Friday, April 22. Following that, on April 25, the announcement will be published both in Greek and English, in the Government Gazette and in the EU official journal.

The licenses that will be auctioned are four of general informative program for broadcasting in high definition. The starting price for each tendered license is set at EUR 3,000,000. The entry fee is set at 1% of the starting price, ie 30,000 euros.

The competition will be conducted by the General Secretariat of Information and Communication, through the Tender Committee that will be established by experts and executives of the public sector. Based on the indicative timetable that will be included in the announcement, the tender is expected to be completed by the end of July.

For the examination of the application files-the candidates’ documents, the Tender Committee will assist a company of auditors-accountants, which will be selected after a snap GGEE tender.

In the draft notice are detailed the terms and conditions of the tender. The competition will take place in four stages:

  1. Submission of dossiers for the tender
  2. Pre-selection of candidates
  3. Performing the tender and announcing the successful tenderers
  4. Final award and payment of the license fee

According to the planning of the government, the licensing will be completed by the end of July, with the announcement of the successful bidders. The indicative timetable per stage, as referred to in Chapter 2 of the notice, reads as follows:

* 04/25/2016: Publication of the notice.

* 06/09/2016: Submission of tender dossiers.

* 06/15/2016: Submission of additional candidate information.

* 06/25/2016: Announcement of those who qualify.

* 06/07/2016: Deadline for preliminary proceedings.

* 07/21/2016: Adoption of decisions on preliminary rulings.

* 07/22/2016: Announcement of the final list of participants and the sending of participation notices to participate in the auction.

* 25-30.7.2016: Auctioneering and the successful communication of binders.

In the pre-selection stage will be considered if the candidates meet the terms and conditions provided by law:

  1. a) the non-existence of an incompatibility as to the capacity of the shareholders and members of management: participation in survey or advertising companies, the irrevocable conviction for felony and certain other offenses, such as participation in a criminal organization and money laundering, conviction for corruption for a state contract.
  2. b) the justification the origin of the financial means each shareholder has allocated for the participation (Asset Means Declaration).
  3. c) the presentation of recent tax, insurance and banking fiscais and certificates that will prove their lawful operation.
  4. d) have the minimum number of workers by specialty, according to the recent JMD.
  5. e) have the minimum technological equipment and building infrastructure to ensure the sound and transmission quality of the broadcast program with high definition technology (HD), as well as the qualitative and quantitative (by category) characteristics of the transmitted program.