Athens leaves open the possibility of trying the 8 Turkish officers in Greece

Athens leaves open the possibility of trying the 8 Turkish officers in Greece

At a presser, Greek Justice minister, Stavros Kontonis said the 8 Turkish officers who fled by helicopter to Greece after the failed July 2016 coup, might be tried in Greece.

As Stavros Kontonis explained, the country's authorities are considering trying them in Greece for offenses committed abroad, according to Article 8 of the Criminal Code. Justice minister has made it clear that this will happen provided that Turkey asks for it. He also noted that "The decision of the Supreme Court is fully respected. I cannot understand why it is being repeated", said Kontonis, indirectly commenting on the reactions caused by the government's decision to request the cancellation of granting asylum to one of the 8 officers.

The application for the cancellation of granting asylum, according to legal circles, was made because people who have participated or are suspected of having participated in a coup, are not entitled to the beneficial laws on refugees.

Regarding the possible referral of the 8 Turkish soldiers to Greece, according to information from legal circles, it will not involve their participation in the attempted coup, but instead, it will be about criminal offenses committed abroad as well as in Greece. Such offenses are illegal entry to Greece, an act for which they have not yet been prosecuted, theft of military material, air traffic obstruction, etc.../IBNA

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