At least 44 weeks needed to learn Albanian

At least 44 weeks needed to learn Albanian

To learn the Albanian language seems to be a very difficult mission, because one needs at least 44 weeks to learn it.

This is confirmed by a ranking published by the Foreign Service Institute, according to which, Albanian is considered among the most difficult languages in the world.

Along with Albanian, there are another 50 languages considered to be difficult, including Macedonian, Russian, Serbian-Croatian and Turkish.

Meanwhile, Italian and Spanish are considered to be relatively easy languages to learn, because only 24 weeks are needed to learn them.

As far as African languages are concerned, they require 88 weeks to be learned.

Other which are hard to learn include Arab, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

But, why should the Albanian language be learned? According to the Foreign Service Institute, such thing must be scene from a doing business point of view.

“Recent market reforms have recently opened the country to foreign businesses. This is the right time to explore business opportunities in Albania. The Albanian language and those who speak it are localized around Southeast Europe. If you’re looking to move into this area for work, then the Albanian language will be very useful to learn”, Foreign Service Institute says. /