Associations of NLA veterans demand a solution for the status

Associations of NLA veterans demand a solution for the status

Skopje, May 6, 2013, by Naser Pajaziti-The Associations of the Veterans of the National Liberation Army of FYROM demand an urgent solution for the status of the families of martyrs and invalids in the war of NLA, who participated in the 2001 conflict.

This demand was made on Martyrs’ Day on May 5. Although 12 years have gone by since 2001, no solution has yet been found for the NLA.

Albanian political parties have continuously demanded the solution of this issue, which is still to be dealt with by institutions.

The chairman of the Association of the Veterans of the War of NLA, Fazli Veliu has issued the demand to solve the status of the NLA.

“The families of the martyrs have recently demanded their real status as families of martyrs fallen for the nation and not combined with other institutionally ethnic mixed forms. We believe that this is the only way to offer to those who deserve the status of the martyrs of the nation. If the Albanian representatives in the government do not offer their signatures for the solution of his issue, then we will oblige them to do this”, said Veliu on the occasion of homage that was held at the NLA martyrs’ cemetery. Such demands have also been made by other associations and organizations.

“Kalaja: Association of the War Veterans has also launched an appeal for the solution to the status of the freedom martyrs 12 years after the end of the 2001 conflict. This association has informed international organizations about the miserable state of the majority part of the former members of NLA in FYROM.

The demand for the solution of the NLA status has been made by western diplomats who seek for this solution to be in the form of a package and a form of reconciliation with the solution of the status of the Macedonian army members. /ibna/