ND asks for an extraordinary meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defence

ND asks for an extraordinary meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defence

Athens, May 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

The extraordinary meeting of the House Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defence, in order to be informed by the competent Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias asked the coordinator and the responsible Section manager of the Greek main opposition party New Democracy, Kostas Tasoulas and Giorgos Koumoutsakos.

The two members of the party of the opposition have expressed their concern based on the early indications of the foreign policy that is being followed in the four months of the new SYRIZA-ANEL government.

Tasoulas said that instead of perceiving existing alliances as the main mechanism for utilization of the arguments for ending the crisis, we have spread the fan in an over-optimistic way, superficial and frivolous and spoke of a “vagueness of aspirations”.

“In fact we brought in an embarrassing or distance position our friends and it is not likely to create new friends with this method”, Tasoulas added.

“While we are doing well inside, we are not doing well outside either”, said for his part the ND MP Giorgos Koumoutsakos, responsible for the foreign sector and spoke of the collapse of the international image of the country, the international position of which, he said, is aggravated by that fact that the economy is devitalized.

“The contemptuous adventure of the Greek Defence Minister to the US saddens us deeply. For the first time the US Defence Minister literally at the last minute cancels a meeting with one of his counterparts from a Member State of NATO. It is a regrettable fact to which is added the unprecedented and grotesque story of the illegal-recording of the works of the Eurogroup by the Greek Finance Minister with an expected negative impact on the country, Koumoutsakos said speaking of symptoms of a “frenzied downward spiral”.

The head of the ND Foreign policy elaborated on a number of issues such as the Cyprus problem, the name issue of FYROM, the Greek-Turkish relations, the opening of Greece to Russia, the Greek-American relations.

Among other things, he described as astronomical the distance covered by the Government after challenging the alliance of NATO and our participation in it until the declaration regarding the establishment of a base in Karpathos, while he added that it is a positive thing that the new Turkish Cypriot leader is moderate, but we should see what comes next. He also noted that it does not show the expected solidarity with the partners when we threaten to send jihadists in their lands, nor the decision relating to terrorism and Savvas Xiros helped the Greek-American relations.

Especially for reaching out to Moscow he said that the way it took place clearly hinted that it was an attempt for a distraction, for a handling that is part of the negotiations between Athens and Brussels.

“Wrong message. Neither Moscow will follow. It created a false impression, both to the partners and Russia. We do not incriminate such openings. We were a government that supported them”, he said.

“The anxiety to show that there is another solution to the people and partners, if it is not verified as a solution, it brings you back to the original possibility for a solution, much more weakened and with the tail between the legs”, Tasoulas added on the subject.