Asia’s rapid development is a special challenge to Europe

Asia’s rapid development is a special challenge to Europe

Pristina, 16 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The rapid economic development of countries such as China, India, Latin America, etc, are seen by the European Union as a special challenge for Europe.

The coordinator for the Southeastern Europe Cooperative Initiative, Erhard Busek, commented on this during a lecture that he held today in a university auditorium in Pristina. Busek said that these countries impose competition for traditional European markets.

“European governments must be responsible for this and must point it out instead of putting it aside”, Mr. Busek suggests.

According to him, “Europe’s protection cannot be achieved through isolation, but by setting up relations with these parts of the world, based on mutual interest”.

Stopping on this, Busek mentioned the emigration crisis and said that Europe is not an island and that problems relating to countries outside of it, become a concern for the EU.

“The refugee crisis shows that Europe is not an isolated island and the globalized world has globalized problems, making Syria’s and Iraq’s problems problems for Europe”. /ibna/