ASEF-Slovenia sign memorandum of co-operation

ASEF-Slovenia sign memorandum of co-operation

The idea of this very fresh and innovative way of co-operation supported by a current memorandum is the “regular exchanges of guest students and researchers from Slovenia with professors who are of Slovenian descent or are striving to promote Slovenian language at universities and research institutions abroad”, STA reports.

The memorandum was signed between the minister for Slovenians Abroad, Gorazd Žmavc and the chair of the American-Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF), Jure Leskovec.

Their aim and focus is to strengthen ties with Slovenians who have left the country and live and work in the United States.

Leskovec himself lives and works in the States. He is teaching as a professor at Stanford University.

Speaking about the ASEF and the circumstances it was created, he explained that it was founded four years ago “to connect Slovenians around the world and promote the exchange of know-how, ideas and entrepreneurship among Slovenians.

The foundation also provides scholarships for Slovenian students attending courses of Slovenian professors in the US and helps children of Slovenian immigrants in the U.S. study in Slovenia.”…. / IBNA