The arrest of a journalist in FYROM sparks the reaction of journalist associations

The arrest of a journalist in FYROM sparks the reaction of journalist associations

Skopje, June 4, 2013

Association of Journalists in FYR Macedonia has demanded the release of journalist Tomislav Kezharkovski, who was arrested on May 28 along with 7 other persons, suspected of having violated the law in the trial for the murder of an elderly man in the village of Oreshe, Vesel. These persons have been remanded into custody for 30 days.

The journalist is accused of unveiling the identity of the protected witness in an article in 2008. The witness then resulted to have committed perjury. The associations of journalists have held protests and demanded the release of this journalist, who has recently become part of the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”.

The protest is held through social networks and the collection of signatures for an electronic petition.

“Reporters without borders”, world organization of journalists has also demanded the release of the journalist.

“We appeal for him to be released immediately, because there’s no evidence against him. The government must immediately explain the reasons for his arrest”, states the press release of this organization.

“Reporters without borders” have also expressed their concern that journalists in FYR Macedonia are being arrested illegally and the government puts pressure against them in order to discover their sources of information.

“We’d like to remind the government that article 16 of the Constitution guarantees journalists protection and the protection of their source”, states the press release of this organization.

Meanwhile, a request has arrived today from the Council of Journalists in Serbia and Montenegro, a regional independent institution which protects the interests of journalists in both countries.

The editor in chief of “Nova Makedonija”, Zoran Dimitrovski demanded the release of Kezharovski, to be protected and to be given the chance to prove that he’s innocent.

According to the chairwoman of the journalist union, Tamara Causidis, Kezharovski’s article was professional. She adds that the journalist has been arrested in order to unveil his source.

The Association of Journalists of FYRO Macedonia said that no power, now or in the future, will dare to step on the dignity of journalists.

On the other hand, Skopje authorities say that justice must decide over the case Kezharovski. /ibna/