Arestis’ resignation causes a storm of reactions

Arestis’ resignation causes a storm of reactions

Sharp comments from opposition parties, everyone is free to act according to the government’s position

by Michalis Michael

The opinion of the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Public Supervisory Authority of the Auditing Profession, judge Giorgos Arestis, is at the center of attention in Cyprus. The latter spoke in the RIK’s Third Program and did not hide his dissatisfaction with the depreciation of the finding for the disaster of Co-Op Bank by the government and especially the Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades.

As he stressed, an attempt was made to deconstruct and devaluate the finding à la carte, and raised a matter of dignity by referring to an insulting questioning of himself on the part of the government concerning the finding of the Committee on Co-op, without hiding his annoyance from what the President of the Republic and the Minister of Finance said for the work of the Inquiry Committee.

“As you well know, no one is irreplaceable, neither if you govern, nor if you have any offices, even if you take judicial decisions. It is not the first time that lawyers or even the Prosecutor General disagree or judge behaviors of judges of the Supreme Court. I wish to praise the work that has been done, but you cannot ascertain a fact, and in the end, draw conclusions that have nothing to do with the previous finding”, Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades stated.

Natural development

Having said that, after the resignation of Arestis from the aforementioned committee, the understanding of the situation both by the government and the opposition was contradictory. The resignation of Georgios Arestis from the presidency of the “Disciplinary Committee of the Public Supervisory Authority of the Auditing Profession”, in which he was appointed by the Council of Ministers, is a slap to a Government that has humiliated the institution of the inquiry committees, said the President of the Ecologists movement – Citizens’ Cooperation, Giorgos Perdikis. He said that the President of the Republic, the Minister of Finance and the Government Spokesman, undermine Mr. Arestis at personal level as well as the institution of the inquiry committees.

Asked on his part to comment on the resignation of Arestis, AKEL Secretary General, Andros Kyprianou, described it as a normal development after the way the government reacted to the matter. That finding draws the conclusions based on too many documents, not only on the depositions, said Andros Kyprianou, adding that there was a depreciation of the persons making up the Committee and therefore the minimum they had to do to preserve their dignity was to resign from the positions that this Government had appointed them.

“Everyone is free to make his choices”, Cypriot government spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, had already commented on Monday, to a question on the resignation of Mr. Giorgos Arestis. We have seen the reasoning put forward by Mr Arestis, which is not exactly what you are asking me, but in any case, everyone is free to make his choices. The government had made that choice, Mr Arestis resigned and he should be replaced”, Prodromos Prodromou concluded./ibna