Are we connected to the world?

Are we connected to the world?

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By Frrok Çupi

This is the third time that we face a dilemma: are we or are we not connected to the world?

The first time was in the gloomiest period of modern history, between the years of Independence and World War II. There were no elements of the west whatsoever in our country! That little information which had come and gone, from here to the Turkish Empire and vice versa, stopped. Yes-men politicians such as Esad Pashe Toptani had cut any ties with the West. In the political literature and journalism of the Western countries, our country was referred to as a “black hole”.

The second time was the total isolation occurred during the communist dictatorship. I don’t think it’s necessary to mention the slogans of the communist insanity, according to which, “we will eat grass, but we will never have anything to do with the West”.

Why is this the third time that we are not connected to the world? Not “we”, but the government and the country’s political class in general have been so arrogant in regards to the world.

Some say that this is a sign of dictatorship, but I don’t think it has so much to do with the communist period than the turbulent times of Haxhi Qamili. It’s a disgrace to mention a name such as this one in a modern political analysis, but he is remembered for the insanity that he uttered.  According to him, Albania could endure all of Europe with just two villages of Kavaja. Haxhi Qamili was an uneducated man with a typical Turkish style. Currently, the country’s political behavior is closer to this man than dictatorship.

The arrogant behavior toward the West, the corruption of ambassadors, the arrogance against the small ones and many things like this have been brought forward from the turbulent age of Haxhi Qamili.

Some truths regarding the gap that exists between us and the West were also obvious in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the Independence of Kosovo.

The Independence of Kosovo was experienced like a world political event. This event revealed the truths of the war that we consider to be heroic, but it also revealed the dangers coming from the current phenomenon being produced in Kosovo. For instance, western media said that only chaos can be expected from a Kosovo suffocated by corruption and crime.

Let us turn our attention to Albania, which became independent at the start of last century. Criminal activities in the country are better organized than in Kosovo, but nobody in the west paid any attention to the chaos coming from Albania. The messengers sending news to the West are the same as Haxhi Qamili’s ambassadors. They’re so cunning that even the formal information that they send, they know how to “package” them and deliver them, in order for crime in Albania not to become news.

The attempt of evil political leaders in Kosovo to violate the Constitution, was immediately realized in Kosovo. The United States raised the alarm over the attempt made by political leaders in Kosovo to repeal the Special Court. Thaci and Prime Minister Haradinaj are part of the list of criminals of war in 1999. If the Special Court continues to exist, they will be held accountable and brought to justice. Despite the power that they hold, they cannot undo the will of the West for Justice.

Let us come back to Tirana. Although political leaders in the country do not hold more power than those in Kosovo, they consider people like “sheep” and they have turned the justice system like a property. The judicial reform being made here has caused the biggest confusion in the history of justice. The West is sensitive about the Justice system, but in our case, it has nothing to do with our right or the violation of our rights. Of course, the West has not received any signals. The signals which are said to have been sent there, have arrived in the mail box of the sinners of the Justice system.

So, there is no connection whatsoever between us and the modern world.


Do the guilty people accept the crime of our detachment from the western world? They assume the role of the leaders of dictatorship and tell us that we are obliged to them for opening us with the world.

But, do the victims of isolation accept the fact that they are isolated? They do the same thing, they speak with the mine of the slaves of dictatorship. They say: “Are you crazy?! Can you not see that many representatives of the international community are coming here?!”

However, we have nothing to do with the world and the world has nothing to do with us. For as long as the world doesn’t react about us, this makes us think once again of the saying about the “black hole”

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