Application of the law on smoking ban marks deterioration

Application of the law on smoking ban marks deterioration

Pristina, 8 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Although the law on smoking ban has been in place since 2013, its application is not satisfactory.

This was declared by the minister of Health, Imet Rrahmani in today’s government meeting.

“Three years later, the reality shows that we have less application of the law. The law has yielded good results, but its implementation remains a challenge. Ministry of Health believes that there must be more involvement by competent institutions in applying this law”, Rrahmani declared.

He said that the law on smoking ban must be applied entirely, stressing that this law will first of all benefit the health of people and then their pockets, environment and society in general.

Businesses will be fined up to 3 thousand euros, while individuals up to 50 euros for smoking in premises where smoking is banned.

But minister Rrahmani said that the fines have not yielded results.

During a year, around 3 thousand and 500 tons of cigarettes have entered Kosovo. Based on these statistics, citizens in Kosovo spend 150 to 200 million euros a year on the smoking. /