Antonis Samaras to visit Cyprus on November 7

Antonis Samaras to visit Cyprus on November 7


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Greek Prime minister Antonis Samaras is scheduled to visit Cyprus on November 7.

Cypriot government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides, said that Samaras will visit Nicosia in order for the two countries to coordinate their actions, ahead of the summit in Cairo, always taking into account the latest developments, after the issuing of the turkish Directive to sailors.

Asked whether the tripartite summit in Egypt essentially finalises the cooperation between Cyprus-Greece-Egypt in the energy sector, the government spokesman said that this is a very important meeting, from which certain conclusions will come off.

Nikos Christodoulides also said that they are already at an advanced stage consultations at the level of Foreign ministers of the three countries, who will meet in Nicosia on October 29, in preparation for the meeting in Cairo.

Government spokesperson did not rule out broadening this dialogue with other neighboring countries, noting the great comparative advantage of Cyprus, due to its excellent relations with all the countries in the region except Turkey. He said that the Republic of Cyprus has an open line of communication with the Israeli, the Foreign minister of which will perform a two-day visit to Cyprus on November 5-6.

Meanwhile, Nicosia and Brussels are expected to issue strict demarches to London, Stockholm and Helsinki for the stance that Britain, Sweden and Finland took in the European Union’s demarche to the United Nations for the challenges of Ankara on the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

Speaking at RIK, government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides, described as an unfortunate development the stance of the three member states of the European Union, which invoked procedural reasons to support their position.

Referring particularly to the British attitude, Christodoulides said that London has argued that any representations to the United Nations would complicate the whole atmosphere.

According to reports, the Turkish provocations will be discussed at the General Affairs Council of the European Union, as well as at the informal Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the “28”, today and tomorrow in Luxembourg.