Ankara: We will respond appropriately to the arrest warrants for “Fatih”

Ankara: We will respond appropriately to the arrest warrants for “Fatih”

Turkey’s reaction to the diplomatic moves of Cyprus to avoid drilling

By Michalis Michael

Turkey does not leave the strategy of tension, which seems to create its first reaction to the international arrest warrants of the Republic of Cyprus towards the personnel of the drilling rig “Fatih”, which sailed to the Cypriot EEZ. This, as a reaction of Nicosia, seems to have a result, since in the last few hours there has been information that members of the “Fatih”, mainly with North European origin, have asked to leave the drilling rig.

This information has not been confirmed directly, but indirectly it seems, judging by the reaction of Ankara, that this action has had an effect.

“We are closely following the reports in the media that the Greek Cypriot administration in Cyprus has issued arrest warrants against the workers in the support boats of the drill ship ‘Fatih’ ”, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in his statement today.

As is conveyed, he declared these arrest warrants invalid, saying that this move goes beyond the limits and Turkey will not hesitate to answer.

He also blamed the Greek Cypriots for violating the Turkish Cypriots’ rights, noting that the claims that the marine region, in which the drilling rig Fatih is today, belong to the Republic of Cyprus, are incompatible with international law.

“If this decision is true, which violates the rights of the Turkish Cypriots and ignores them, then it will have no power for us. If the administration has acted with such audacity, then have no doubt that we will answer in kind,” he said./ibna