Ankara strikes at Kurdish targets

Ankara strikes at Kurdish targets

Ankara, July 30, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

“Instead of the Jihadists they strike at us”, say the Kurds of Syria

Turkish newspaper speaks of a plan of the Turkish government for the autonomy of Turkmens in Northern Syria

Preparations being made for the political persecutions of Kurds MPs?

By Manolis Kostidis

The military leadership of NATO appear troubled by the operations launched by Ankara both against the Islamic state in Syria and the PKK in northern Iraq.

According to the international Press, allies are finding that in recent days the Turkish armed forces have taken more action against the Kurds and say that they recognize the country’s right to self-defense, but called on the Turkish government to make efforts to avoid the collapse of the peace process with the Kurdish separatists.

“We never said that the process of peace negotiations ended. However, the PKK never respected it”, argued the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu.

According to the Turkish General Staff of the Armed Forces and the prime minister’s Office, Turkish fighter jets have struck at the bases of the PKK in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq. Among the targets were shelters, warehouses and caves that serve the PKK, which were destroyed.

The Kurdish militias in northern Syria (YPG) argue that “instead of attacking the positions that have been captured by the terrorists of the Islamic State, the Turkish forces are attacking our positions”. Turkey denies this information.

Plan for the autonomy of the Turkmens in Syria?

The pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak reveals that there is a plan of the Turkish government that involves the actions of Turkmen forces in Syria that will prevent the Kurds to create a single autonomous region in northern Syria.

According to the newspaper, a few days ago a secret meeting was held in Ankara, which was attended by representatives of the armed Syrian opposition and Syrian Turkmens.

The decision that was taken was to organise the Turkmens under the auspices of Turkey in armed brigades and the creation of “united Turkmen Army”.

The Yeni Şafak says that this army will be managed directly by Ankara and given liberation character.

The purpose of the plan is the involvement of Turkmens in cooperation with the Syrian opposition. The main objective will be the conquest of Lattakia and Aleppo.

According to analysts, if the project is successful, not only will it be a strong blow to Assad, but it will separate the cantons of Kurds in northern Syria, making them unable to create a large Kurdish zone, which is one of the scenarios that trouble the Turkish government.

Ankara officially opens the Incirlik military airbase to the US

The Turkish foreign ministry announced that the base of Intzirlik is made available for use by US warplanes, after the ratification of the agreement with the US for using the base in the fight against Islamic State. Turkey makes it clear that the Incirlik agreement includes the air support to Kurdish militants in northern Syria.

The Secretary General of the Turkish FM makes a surprise visit to northern Iraq

The Secretary General of the foreign ministry of Turkey Feridun Sinirlioglu made a surprise visit to Arbil in northern Iraq and met with the president of the autonomous Kurdish Administration Masud Barzani. The main topic of the talks was Mount Qandil, which is located in northern Iraq and houses the bases of the PKK.

Preparations being made for the political persecutions of Kurds MPs?

One day after Erdogan’s statements about the necessity of lifting the immunity of Kurdish MPs on charges of cooperation with the PKK, the prosecution of Yüksekova prepared the indictment of HDP MP Abdullah Zeydan, with the accusation of “propaganda for a terrorist organization” and decided to submit the request for the lifting of his immunity.

The prosecutor’s office in Ankara at the request of the AKP vice-president Suleyman Soylu, decided to ask for the lifting of the immunity of the President of HDP Selattin Demirtas!

It is not certain whether the requests will be sent to the House, but the preparation causes concerns.

In Turkey, the opposition newspapers express fear for the repetition of the events of 1994, where the Turkish Parliament lifted the immunity of Kurdish MPs, Leyla Zana among them, who were arrested in the Parliament and were subsequently jailed. A few days later the operation of the pro-Kurdish DEP was banned. The events at the time were seen as a blow to democracy.