Ankara expresses satisfaction with Trump’s election

Ankara expresses satisfaction with Trump’s election

The US President owns two skyscrapers in Istanbul that were inaugurated by Erdogan

The news of the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency has been received with relative satisfaction in Ankara. Only last July Erdoğan was calling for the name of the new US president to be removed from the two skyscrapers he owns in Istanbul, and the reason was the statements of Trump against the Muslims.

Since then much has changed and the Turkish leadership is requesting cooperation with Washington.

Ankara was becoming increasingly irritated with the position of Barack Obama regarding the Syrian Kurds, as well as with the non-issuance of the leader of the Islamic order of Hizmet, Fethullah Gulen, who resides in the US and Turkey is considering him a terrorist.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim congratulated Trump, saying that “a new page will open in the US-Turkey relations if Gulen is issued in Turkey”.

“I hope that the choice of the American people will lead to good steps for the basic rights and freedoms, democracy and the future of our region”, said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, adding that he maintains a positive outlook.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the US-Turkish relations do not depend on persons and that Turkey is determined to continue its relations with the US ”

Erdogan inaugurated Trump’s skyscrapers in Istanbul

Last July Erdogan was speaking against Trump. The Turkish President in 2010 had launched the skyscrapers Trump Towers in Istanbul, having supported their construction. An investment of several million US dollars, which includes a shopping center with 80 shops, 200 luxury apartments and a cinema complex.

But after Trump’s statements against Muslims, the Turkish President stated that “a candidate speaks against the Muslims and says he does not stand to see them live in the USA. Here they even put his name on the skyscrapers. Those who put up this name must immediately change it. I made a mistake and I participated in the inauguration of these buildings”. After the attempted coup in July, the Turkish president began keep his distance from the Obama administration.

On his part, Trump has not expressed negative opinions against the Turkish president. In an interview with the New York Times after the attempted coup of July 15 he had said: “I was convinced that Erdogan would be able to thwart the attempt against him and I believe that nothing was staged by him”.

Asked about the political persecutions in Turkey, Trump stated that “the world sees how bad the USA are and we are trying to talk about political persecution. I do not think we are proper ambassadors of these ideas”. He had added that he can convince Ankara for a more effective fight against the Islamic State. “I think that with Turkey we can have a successful dynamic relationship”, he had said./IBNA