Ankara-Amsterdam diplomatic ties remain fine

Ankara-Amsterdam diplomatic ties remain fine

After the Dutch ambassador to Ankara was formally withdrawn after a Netherlands governmental decision, Turkey affirmed its diplomatic ties with Holland had not been influenced.

This was what the Turkish Government Spokesman, Bekir Bozdag announced on Monday.

The Dutch government made its decision over a 2017 dispute. Back then, the two sides had fallen out due to a decision the Dutch government had made, according to which, Turkish officials were not allowed to campaign together with the “Turkish diaspora in the Netherlands in favour of Turkey’s constitutional referendum last April”, AP reads. During that same time, Holland “was holding its own national elections”.

“This does not mean that diplomatic ties between Turkey and the Netherlands are cut off… There are charges d’affaires carrying out the relations between the two countries,” Bozdag told reporters after a cabinet meeting, as AP reports, with Bozdag adding that he hopes the matter will soon be resolved.

He said he hoped the issue would be resolved soon…/IBNA

Photo: Bekir Bozdag / CNN Turk