Anastasiades: Neither majorities of people or property nor permanent derogations will be accepted 

Anastasiades: Neither majorities of people or property nor permanent derogations will be accepted 

Nicosia, October 12, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

We remain faithful to the commitments we have undertaken however neither majorities of people or property nor permanent derogations from the acquis communautaire will be accepted in the context of a Cyprus solution, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has said.

President Anastasiades has also made it clear that each community would have separate administration in its constituent state, this, however, does not entail either population majorities or property majorities.

Addressing an event in the framework of the 35th annual anti-occupation march organized by the Municipality of Morphou, a city occupied by Turkey’s military troops since 1974, the President of the Republic said, inter alia, that “we seek the reunification of our homeland, its liberation from occupation troops and the safeguarding of human rights, the safeguarding of basic freedoms enjoyed by the rest of European citizens, so that freedom of movement, permanent residence and the right of property are guaranteed for everyone.

“It is a fact that we agreed on a solution for a bizonal, bicommunal federation. On the basis of this agreement each of the two communities will administer that part which has been decided. The Greek Cypriots will administer the southern part of our homeland, the Turkish Cypriots the northern part of our homeland. This is a painful compromise, which was agreed in ‘77, was repeated in ’79, but also on 8 July 2006, and of course reaffirmed in a series of UN resolutions and decisions of the Security Council”, President said.

Consequently, he added, “the message I want to convey to my Turkish Cypriot compatriots and to those negotiating on their behalf is that we remain faithful to the obligations we undertook. Obligations, however, which include, as I said, that the Turkish Cypriots will have the administration in the northern part, in their own constituent state, and the Greek Cypriots will have the administration in our constituent state”.

“This, however”, he continued, “does not entail population majorities. This does not entail property majorities. This must be secured and it will be secured. There are the political rights, which, whether we want it or not, must be set in a way that will definitely safeguard that neither the will of the Greek Cypriots, nor that of the Turkish Cypriots will be contaminated in each of the two constituent states. But  this is one thing and the safeguarding of the four basic freedoms and of the human rights, as I have described them, is another”.

President noted that “from the moment we agreed on 11 February 2014 that the European acquis will be implemented in all the sovereign territory of the evolving Republic of Cyprus into a federal state, I don’t think that we will begin making choices or selective references with regards to the European acquis communautaire claiming for Cyprus, by way of exception, derogations from all those things that nobody else in Europe has demanded or claims”.

He made it clear “ that we will remain committed to the peaceful dialogue and the determination to work for a solution, but as it has been stated by others, and as I also have conveyed repeatedly to my interlocutors in Cyprus and abroad, nobody can expect us to accept just any kind of solution. The solution must respect the concerns of both communities, not just those of one. The solution must not leave behind winners and losers, and the permanent derogations will not do injustice to the Greek Cypriots alone but also to the Europeans”.

Consequently, he said, “it is not possible to accept certain claims which go beyond concerns, but which they want to safeguard or to create prospects so that Turkey will implement its own wishes and policies”.

“What I want to say is not to exaggerate in terms of slogans in order to satisfy sentimentally, but that as I address you with realism, in the same way, with realism, I address the Turkish Cypriots too. Because, it is not just the Greek Cypriots who suffer, it is also they, themselves that suffer and will suffer even worse, if the situation is left to develop under the illusion that an illegal regime can provide all those things which every citizen of Europe is entitled to”, President said.

“The effort to guarantee the right of every refugee to choose to return includes, of course, also the areas that must come under the Greek Cypriot community through the territorial adjustments. And the sooner our Turkish Cypriot compatriots also realize this, the easier many other problems will be resolved. Consequently, Morphou should be included among those areas”.

In concluding, he assured of his determination to work tirelessly until “I see that our homeland becoming free of occupation troops, that our homeland is being reunified, that our homeland is a modern European country that embraces everybody inside, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, and which will safeguard the prospects of future, of peace, of co-creation and progress”.

Refugees from the Turkish-occupied town of Morphou claimed on Sunday their right to return to their homeland participating in the annual anti-occupation rally, organised by the Municipality of Morphou for the 35h consecutive year, in the village of Astromeritis, located 30km from the capital Nicosia.

Astromeritis is the location of one of six checkpoints in the UN Buffer Zone between the area effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus and the areas occupied by Turkey.

The participants in the anti-occupation event condemned the ongoing Turkish occupation of Cyprus` northern part and reiterated their determination to continue the struggle for freedom.

A service was held Sunday morning at the local church in Astromeritis, by Morphou Metropolitan Neophytos, commemorating the fallen and the missing persons.

The event at the community centre was followed by a rally towards the memorial for the fallen, close to the Astromeritis checkpoint, while Municipal authorities handed over a protest resolution to the representative of UNFICYP, the UN peace keeping force in Cyprus, addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades, Acting President of the House of Representatives Sophocles Fyttis, former Speakers of the Hellenic Parliament and Morphou Honorary Citizens Dimitris Sioufas and Apostolos Kaklamanis, the Ambassador of Greece to Cyprus Elias Fotopoulos, Heads and representatives of political parties, MPs, MEPs and MPs of the British Parliament, attended, inter alia, the event.

They all united their voices with the citizens and the municipality of the occupied since the 1974 Turkish invasion town of Morphou expressing the need to end the Turkish occupation and find a solution that would enable them to return to their ancestral homes.

UN-led peace talks are currently underway with a view to reuniting the country, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Source: CNA