Anastasiades: I do not intend to return to a dialogue of the deaf

Anastasiades: I do not intend to return to a dialogue of the deaf


Review Hari Stefanatos

Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades stated that he does not plan to return to a “dialogue of the deaf”, despite the admonitions and suggestions, which as he revealed, receive from various sides to return to the talks with the Turkish Cypriot side.

Cypriot president stressed that it would be unworthy of the mandate of the people, if he remained in the talks, under threats and the acceptance of the creation of new faits accomplis.

Anastasiades noted that the unacceptable provocation by Turkey to bind the Cypriot EEZ area, five days before the start of the meaningful dialogue, not only violates international law, but also refutes those who believed in the private and public assurances of Ankara for a meaningful contribution to the effort to solve the Cyprus matter.

He noted that regional circumstances may prevent some people from taking more decisive action against Turkey, “despite fully acknowledging the justifiable of our decision to suspend our participation in the ongoing dialogue”.

Regarding natural gas, the Cypriot president stated that “third parties, from foreign countries”, advise us that it is possible that the natural wealth be establish right now with the participation of Turkish Cypriots. “I want to point out to them”, he said, “that never, ever, will be something like that be accepted”.

“The natural wealth of Cyprus belongs to the state and if a solution is reached, through this solution the Turkish Cypriot will certainly reap the benefits as well”, said the Cypriot President.