Anastasiades: I expect the EU and the UN to react

Anastasiades: I expect the EU and the UN to react

Our efforts are aimed at preventing any accomplishments that Turkey will pursue with the presence of the Turkish President in the occupied territories or with any of his announcements about Famagusta, said tonight the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades.

Speaking to reporters at a reception hosted by the French Ambassador at the embassy on the occasion of France’s National Day, he was asked if the measures being considered by the National Council were capable of thwarting Turkey’s provocative and illegal actions in Famagusta, the President of the Republic said that “every effort is to prevent any accomplishments that Turkey will seek through the presence or any announcements of the Turkish President”.

Commenting to a reporter that France now holds the presidency of the Security Council, and when asked if the political and diplomatic efforts would pay off, President Anastasiadis said: “There are definitely steps being taken and what I expect is from both the United Nations and the EU to react according to Turkey’s behavior “.

Earlier today, Nicos Anastasiades chaired a meeting of the National Council at the Presidential Palace, in the presence of the Attorney General of the Republic and the Mayor of Famagusta, Simos Ioannou.

After the meeting, Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos told reporters that “the meeting of the National Council, which lasted about four hours and was held in a creative and constructive atmosphere, has just ended.

During the meeting, the President of the Republic gave an extensive briefing to the political leaders and the Mayor of Famagusta, who participated in the meeting, on all the actions taken and to be taken by the Government since the last informal Summit in Geneva, on the one hand for the resumption of the negotiations and on the other hand on the issue of Turkish provocations and threats to Famagusta, in view of the forthcoming illegal visit of the President of Turkey to the occupied territories.

The Attorney General of the Republic, who participated in the meeting, presented the views of the Legal Service on specific aspects.

I would like to point out that the Mayor of Famagusta conveyed to the attendees the positions of the Municipality of Famagusta, asking all members of the National Council to stand united on the side of the Famagusta people, something with which all political leaders agreed.

The positions and suggestions of all political leaders were heard and views were exchanged on how to handle the Turkish provocation.

It was agreed that the National Council will convene again on an ad hoc basis, depending on the developments, during the Turkish President’s illegal visit to the occupied territories “.

Asked about it, Marios Pelekanos said that he does not want to expand on the decisions taken during the meeting of the National Council.

“Some decisions have indeed been made, which, depending on the developments, will take the form of implementation,” he said.

In another question, he said that “if there is a need to convene the National Council extraordinarily, as soon as the President of Turkey arrives, then yes, he will convene immediately.”

Asked about the measures examined by the National Council today, the Spokesman said that “the proposals for measures submitted by the political leaders are on the table and depending on the developments the National Council will be convened to take decisions based on these developments”./ibna