Anastasiades has clear lead for Presidential elections – Cybc poll

Anastasiades has clear lead for Presidential elections – Cybc poll

The latest poll by Cybc shows current President Nicos Anastasiades leading by a wide margin the race for the presidential elections.

The survey was conducted by Cymar Market Research Ltd on behalf of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.

Anastasiades emerged as the most popular presidential candidate, garnering 53% of the respondents’ preferences, with Independent Stavros Malas (backed by Akel) receiving 45%, and Diko’s Nicolas Papadopoulos 42%  with respondents presumably able to choose more than one candidate.

The respondents viewed the current president as both the most likely to achieve a fair and lasting Cyprus settlement and the best to handle the economic recovery and to institute reforms, while he also emerged as the most ‘trustworthy’ of the candidates

The only instance where Malas came on top was when respondents were asked to evaluate how approachable the candidates are. Here, Malas got 27 per cent.

Respondents were also asked about whom they intend to vote for in the second round.

In the Anastasiades v Malas scenario, 43 per cent picked the president, 25 per cent Malas.

In the Anastasiades v Papadopoulos case, 38 per cent chose the incumbent, 28 per cent said Papadopoulos.

And in the Malas v Papadopoulos scenario, 28 per cent picked Malas, 35 per cent Papadopoulos.

The undecided in all scenarios were around 10 per cent.