Anastasiades for Eide: He must be careful in any remarks that might provoke mistrust

Anastasiades for Eide: He must be careful in any remarks that might provoke mistrust

The less said especially by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, the better, the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, said today, adding that Eide should have known better and should have learned from his predecessors, who had created serious problems within one or the other community in Cyprus.

In his remarks to reporters on the sidelines of a charity basketball game in Lefkosia, and when invited to comment on the recent statements made by Eide, the President said that “initially, it saddens me particularly that the UNSC’s Special Adviser, without having heard or having conveyed first and foremost positions, tends to adopt positions that are expressed from the one side.

“We have repeatedly said that (the dialogue) is Cypriot-owned, that we do not want mediation – that was the agreement – that we do not want timeframes. And I hear constantly this danger to be brandished that can happen if it is prolonged”, Anastasiades added.

The President added that “I want my friend Eide to realize that with statements or intimidations the opposite results are achieved. The less said, especially on his part, the better. He should have at least learned from his predecessors, who have created problems within one or the other community, that special caution is needed.

The Cyprus problem is a sensitive issue. And I can’t consider having remarks made regarding the urgency of the issue when we have a break of two months in the talks about a simple reference – unnecessary, I say, but a simple reference – to a historical fact. And Eide is trying not to observe the threats against the Republic of Cyprus and the climate of mistrust that is being created through the various Navtex notices (issued by Turkey), the presence of Barbaros (in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone). He does not appreciate the fact that I, representing the Greek Cypriot community, have not withdrawn (from the talks) not for a reference to historical facts, but for a real threat against the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus.

And what saddens me even more is also the acceptance or the propagation through rumour of what is presumed about presidential elections; the elections take place in February 2018 and I have not indicated that I take into consideration when the elections will take place. However, I do not ignore, with regard to the timeframes and the haste, some other elections (to be held) in September and more specifically, in Norway”.

Asked whether he will mention all these in the letter he intends to send to the UN Secretary-General, the President said that “I have no intention to enter into some dispute nor do I want this to be taken as a personal difference with the Special Adviser. But I have repeatedly drawn his attention to the fact that he must be careful in any remarks are being made because they provoke mistrust or they give the impression that he is adopting the positions of one side at the expense of the other.

What I am interested for the Secretary-General to know is that the talks are taking place under a situation of threats and that this is unthinkable; it is a violation of international law and his Special Adviser is unfortunately preoccupied with some meetings to bring about a new date for Geneva, for a multilateral conference. And I want to make clear that I am not against a multilateral conference, because at the a multilateral conference it is Turkey that must provide answers as to what needs to be done with regard to the issue of guarantees, the withdrawal of the occupation troops and so on.

He (Eide) is in a hurry as in the past. And I had warned him that the only thing we will bring about is disappointment among Cypriot Hellenism when we raise expectations every time and in the end we find ourselves exposed to the intransigence of positions that do not permit us to move on to what is desirable”./IBNA