Anastasiades: Cyprus-Greece cooperation for stability in region 

Anastasiades: Cyprus-Greece cooperation for stability in region 

Nicosia, April 30, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Kyriacos Kyriacou

The realisation of the 2nd Cyprus-Egypt-Greece Tripartite Summit Meeting, in Nicosia and the Declaration adopted at the level of the Heads of States, puts in practice the cooperation between Cyprus and Greece to achieve stability and prosperity of the peoples and our region, said Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades.

Hew was receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of Greece in Cyprus Ilias Fotopoulos at a formal ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

Anastasiades stressed that the sincere desire of Cyprus and Greece to promote peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean was not confined to wishful thinking, but it was proven through their active role to strengthen regional cooperation.

“Shortly, we expect that the expansion of this cooperation will be achieved, consolidating the benefits that will emerge from the peaceful coexistence and cooperation with almost all the neighbouring countries. In this context, we emphasize that this cooperation is not directed against any other country, to the contrary, it is an opportunity that should be seized by all”, said the President.

Expressing his appreciation for the selfless support over time of the Greek Government, the political leadership and the Greek people of Cyprus` struggle against the Turkish occupation and for the reunification of Cyprus and the Cypriot people, Anastasiades said that his recent visit to Athens and his meetings with the state and political leadership reaffirmed the strong fraternal ties and the fact that the fate of the two nations and peoples was common, just like the national vision and struggles were also common.

“The resumption of the dialogue is now possible, since the illegal actions of Turkey have ceased It is, however, essential that Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot community show respect for the agreements and the commitments and demonstrate at the negotiations’ table that they truly desire an honest, but promising compromise. In this regard, it is imperative that the illegal actions, through unjustifiable pretexts, that had led us to the suspension of the negotiations, will not be repeated”, said the President.

At the same time he said that the new Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci creates positive expectations for a fruitful and productive dialogue.

Presenting his credentials Fotopoulos said that the post he assumed was the highest national honor for every Greek Ambassador.

“Common values and principles, common history and common struggles make up the fiber of the long-lasting bonds between the two countries. Bonds which are the components of our cooperation at the bilateral as well as the regional level, particularly today that Greece and Cyprus, as members of the European Union, constitute a guarantee of stability and security in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region”, he said.

He added that Athens and Nicosia firmly believe in the possibility of solving the Cyprus problem, on the basis of the international law principles and within the framework of the European principles and values.

“The cornerstone of our policy on the Cyprus problem is the respect and defence of the international personality of the Republic of Cyprus and that is why I am convinced that we will continue steadfastly the cooperation and coordination between our Governments”, he said.

He reiterated that Greece`s strategic goal was to achieve a just, viable, permanent and functional solution to the Cyprus problem that will respect the Decisions and Resolutions of the United Nations and would be compatible with European values and principles. He added that that solution could only be the result of unobstructed talks between the two sides, expressing the free and sovereign will of the whole of the people of Cyprus for the fate of their country.

Fotopoulos said that his aim was to maintain and further strengthen the presence and role of the Greek Embassy in Nicosia, as an open channel of communication, as a link between Athens and Nicosia, between the Greek and Cypriot authorities.