Anarchists attack the Turkish Embassy in Athens

Anarchists attack the Turkish Embassy in Athens

Athens, July 27, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In one of the best guarded places of Athens “struck” the members of the anarchist group “Rubicon”, managing to escape without the police making any adductions. The anarchist group has provoked many attacks and disasters in different places.

About ten people, who belong to the anti-authoritarian group “Rubicon”, threw at noon Tuesday black and red paint on the front of the Turkish embassy, located at the junction of roads Rigillis and Vas. Georgiou, in Kolonaki.

Meanwhile, they threw fliers with slogans in favor of the people of Turkey.

The “intervention” as characterized by a known website of the anarchist space, was “an act of solidarity to the fighting people of Turkey”.

“Red for the blood of those who struggle, which for years now flows in rivers in the hellholes of the regime and the mountains of Kurdistan”, continues the post and “black for the horror of totalitarianism and repression, which profusely ‘buy’ to the suffering people of Turkey for decades all sorts of exploiters, with first and foremost the Sultan Erdogan”, it is noted.