Alliance and Besa – together, or separately in the future?

Alliance and Besa – together, or separately in the future?

by Armend Murseli

Political parties from the Albanian opposition are mobilizing, and say they are well prepared for the next parliamentary elections whenever they are held, but have not yet decided whether there is need for a coalition. Both political parties say that they will be winners in the upcoming elections without cooperating with one another. However, the latest poll conducted by M-prospect begs to differ: DUI is still at the top with 5.1 percent, followed by the Albanian Alliance for Albanians with 4.2 percent, and the Besa movement with 2.1 percent.

If one simple analysis is done, a united Albanian opposition could defeat the DUI, which could have happened in the parliamentary elections in 2016, as well as in the local elections in 2017. But all of this failed due to the lack of coalition capacity of Albanian opposition parties. The failure to find common ground has allowed DUI win yet another term. This leaves the impression the obsession of who will govern and who will be the leader of the coalition continues to dominate within the Albanian political parties.

The Alliance for Albanians says that regardless of the cooperation with another political party, on the basis of the relevant agencies and those of the internal parties, they have surpassed DUI and are now the number one party on the Albanian political campus. Party spokesperson Flakron Bexheti said that as a party they are always open to cooperation with other political forces, but that it is too early to do so.

“We are convinced that in the next parliamentary elections, whenever they are held, we will win. Albanian voters, after two decades of DUI rule, have many reasons to make a change. It is obvious that they need dignified representation, with well-trained staff and political programs that will raise the level of representation that the Albanian voters deserve. Regarding the cooperation with other Albanian political parties, we have proven so far how much we have been decent and open for cooperation with political forces who seriously want to make a change and provide the citizens with a better life standard. However, it is too early for these calculations and coalitions, the truth is that the Alliance for Albanians is growing stronger with each passing day and wins over more and more Albanian voters, which is expected to be shown at the next parliamentary elections,” said Alliance of Albanians spokesperson Flakron Bexheti.

The Besa Movement gave almost an identical statement. The Besa officials are confident that in the upcoming parliamentary elections on their own or with a cooperation with the opposition, they will win over the Albanian political camp. The party’s spokersperson Elmedin Memishi, says their serious engagement contributed to an increase in their political weight, similar to 2016, when the Besa Movement came very close to winning.

“Even the internal surveys we are conducting show that the support of the Albanian opposition, compared to DUI, is far greater than in the polls that are being published. We will continue our preparation and strategy in accordance with the determination of the central committee, and we are convinced that the upcoming elections, whether on our own or with cooperation with the opposition, will win the Albanian political camp. During this period, our focus is on greater presence among the people, because that is where real political force comes from. As for a possible cooperation, time will tell, we will decide on it in accordance to the expectations of the Albanian electorate,” said the Besa Movement spokesperson Elmedin Memishi.

In the presidential elections, Sela and Kasami, by supporting Professor Blerim Reka in the presidential race, have shown that they can and are willing to cooperate, but whether they will continue this way, or will not be able to find a compromise as in 2016, it remains to be seen./ibna