The alleged plan for the murder of two Albanian MPs brings Brussels back into the “game”

The alleged plan for the murder of two Albanian MPs brings Brussels back into the “game”

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, March 11, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In the past ten days, the main political and social topic in Albania has been the alleged plan for the murder of the majority MP, Tom Doshi and that of the opposition, Mhill Fufi.

As never before, the Prosecution of Serious Crimes has interrogated many people, among them senior officials of the Albanian state.

This situation has set the European Union in motion. Its representatives express the need to implement the December agreement between the government and opposition, for the decriminalization of parliament, an incentive launched by the Democratic Party.

The EU is also focusing on “Doshi” case, demanding an international inquest over this matter.

Brussels’ suggestion followed Doshi’s request, according to whom, if the inquiry is conducted by foreign prosecutors, this would serve as a guarantee to manipulate the result.

Basha expresses his concerns to the EU

A conference was held yesterday in Strasbourg dubbed “The dissolution of democratic standards and challenges of Albania in the European integration”.

The leader of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha was invited by the Pan European Group of the European Parliament.

The leader of the Albanian opposition has spoken in Strasbourg about the necessity of the process of decriminalization.

Mr. Basha also used this as the main argument in the talks that he had with the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, the rapporteur on Albania in the European Parliament, Knut Fleckenstein, with the head of the foreign affairs committee in the European Parliament, Elmar Brok,  MEPs from the largest parliamentary groups in the European Parliament, etc. Basha said that the accusations launched within the left wing for murder scenarios has shocked not only the European Union, but also other European institutions, which support the full decriminalization of Albanian politics.

“The conference and the meetings that I had discussed the big concern of the European Union for the dissolution of democratic standards in Albania. They discussed the dissolution of the rule of law, the attack against court rulings and the control of independent institutions. The scandal within the majority, according to which, the speaker of Parliament has been accused for six months about the contract killing of two MPs, while the PM and Interior minister tried to conceal this event, is a shock for the public opinion. This has also shocked the institutions of the European Union, MEPs and representatives of these institutions.”

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Basha said that these institutions have backed decriminalization. “Last year, European Parliament engaged for decriminalization and today, here in Strasbourg, the participants stressed the need for the decriminalization of the Albanian politics, in order to cut all ties of Albanian politics from crime.

Brussels suggests an international inquiry

The vice president of the Sub Committee for Human Rights in the European Parliament, Cristian Dan Preda, says that in order to have progress in Albania’s path of integration, there must be an inquiry over the accusations recently launched within the majority in Albania. According to him, an international committee must be urgently appointed in Albania in order to fully investigate these accusations and explain to the public and Albanian citizens as to what has happened and what is happening in Albania.

Mr. Preda also stops on the decriminalization of the Albanian parliament, which he considers as very important. “Decriminalization of Parliament is essential, because without it, there can be no progress in the domestic development of the country and the integration path. It’s unfathomable for corruption to penetrate in the politics of a candidate country such as Albania”.

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Preda says that in order to have progress in the integration path, topics relating to the political debate in Albania must be clarified. “State institutions must act in accordance with the Constitution of the country, in order for politics to separate from corruption, a phenomenon that is a burden for Albanian people. The problem of corruption is that there’s always someone who pays and the people are the ones who pay”.

Serious suspicions have been recently launched in Albania about the involvement of senior state leaders in a plan for the murder of two MPs. Can this situation have a negative impact on the image of Albania and on the efforts for the implementation of Euroepan reforms?

Mr. Preda says that the risk is clear. “The December agreement offered a positive perception on Albania. Meanwhile, after the accusations recently made, the country once again risks a negative image”.

Under these circumstances, Preda says that the solution must come through a full inquiry of the accusations, with the involvement of the international community. “I believe that it’s urgent to appoint a committee, perhaps an international one, to investigate these accusations, to explain the public and Albanian citizens what has happened and what is happening in Albania”. Preda says that “without this clarification, the progress of the country cannot be perceived”.

Tannock: If the accusations are proven, the country may see instability

Meanwhile, MEP Charles Tannock, rapporteur on Albania, warns that in case the accusations launched by Tom Doshi are proven, the country may see instability.

Charles Tannock

Tannoc demanded for this case to be handled according to the law. “It seems a criminal case. Serious accusations have been launched and they must be handled based on the respective procedures. I hope that this case will be investigated, in order not to have grounds for these accusations. It’s up to the authorities that handle criminal cases in the country. I hope this is not true, because this would cause instability in the international aspect for Albania. If this is proven to be true, then it will be worrying and it will be unfavorable for the country”, Tannock says. /ibna/