All eyes on Lute for the next steps on the Cyprus issue

All eyes on Lute for the next steps on the Cyprus issue

By Michalis Michael

The Cypriot diplomacy is waiting to see the way in which Jane Lute’s initiative will continue, while there has been no development either in the UN Secretary-General’s report or at the initiative of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy.

“It is expected, as it has been announced by the UN, that the report will be discussed during this time. At the same time, our side, and I imagine the other stakeholders, is in constant contact with Jane Holl Lute and wait to see how she will choose to continue this initiative for the resumption of negotiations”, competent sources stress.

At the same time, sources of Cypriot diplomacy remind that the President was all this time at any moment ready for the immediate resumption of negotiations on the basis of the six parameters set by the UN Secretary General, while at the same time he has responded to ideas that have been tabled by Jane Holl Lute. “We are therefore looking forward to seeing what the choice will be, how this initiative will continue, because, of course, our side’s position is that the negotiations should definitely start again”, it is said.

Waiting period

The government spokesman commented on the issue, and especially on the rumors heard in Cyprus, about an informal transition abroad to study the terms of reference with the composition that existed in Crans Montana. Asked if the Turkish side has responded to this, the spokesman said that “the President of the Republic in the previous period has put forward thoughts and ideas to assist the work of Jane Lute, and has responded positively to ideas that June Lute has put on the table. We are now waiting for Jane Lute to see what comes next”./ibna