Alexis Tsipras in Paris, on November 11

Alexis Tsipras in Paris, on November 11

Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, along with about 60 heads of state and government will travel to Paris on November 11 to celebrate the 100th anniversary from the end of the First World War.

According to a Le Figaro / AFP article entitled “November 11: 60 Leaders in Paris for the celebrations”, says more than 60 Heads of State and Government, including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, will be attending the commemorative event on the eve of an extremely symbolic ceremony in the presence of Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel at the place where the truce was signed.

French President Emmanuel Macron will hold a “memory tour” from 4 to 9 November in areas where battles took place during the First World War in France, the presidential office announced on Thursday.

These celebrations are “an opportunity to remember that France still holds a special place in the family of nations,” the presidency said. Mr Macron will speak at the Arc de Triomphe on Sunday 11 November. All these leaders will then be invited to a Peace Forum, which will be officially opened by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and aspires to become an annual meeting in Paris to promote a “re-established, revised multilateralism”.

On Saturday, 10 November, the French President and theGerman Chancellor will visit the armistice near Compiegne (northern France), for the first time at this level of representation among the former warring parties. “We will find ourselves in the footsteps of Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand in 1984 at Verdun, whose hand-to-hand image in front of a cenotaph has become one the most powerful symbols of the Franco-German reconciliation”, said the French presidency.

The truce, signed on 11 November 1918 between the Allied forces and Germany on a wagon in the Compiegne forest in Rethondes, signaled the end of the Great War. On November 4, the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will also attend a concert in Strasbourg, dedicated to the Franco-German friendship, in celebration of the return of Alsace to France in 1918.

Only the warring countries that had “troops in European theaters of war” were invited to Paris, the Presidency said, explaining the absence of countries such as Saudi Arabia. Mr Macron, who wishes to reconnect with the French people, will also spend five days in areas that suffered from the 1914-18 Great War conflicts and today suffer from economic and social difficulties…. / IBNA