Alexis Tsipras calls for elections here and now

Alexis Tsipras calls for elections here and now

Athens, December 1, 2014 Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

An emphatical “no” to the scenario that wants the German Chancellor to request the signature of Alexis Tsipras, said the president of SYRIZA, making it clear from Ioannina that “such a signature of shame, they should not be expecting from us”.

“For shame signatures to Mr. Samaras and Mr. Venizelos, not SYRIZA”, said the opposition leader and from the step of the second regional conference called all Greeks to be alert.

Referring to the article of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Tsipras exercised strong criticism stressing: “We live in the deepest darkness before dawn, the Prime Minister of destruction tells us, in an article in today’s newspaper. He stated once again all his favorite lies. What he doesn’t dare to say is: how and why from the success story, from the emerging from the memorandum, from the leaving the IMF, from the return to growth, we arrived at a deep darkness?”.

He then referred to the deputy Prime minister remembering Venizelos’ statements when he had said that “we have it bad with SYRIZA, like the shepherd with sheep”.

“I guess he means that he is the shepherd, we are the wolf, and you the sheep”, Tsipras added and concluded that “it is the sheep they fear the most. They are afraid of the sheep, lest they stop being sheep and start chasing them”.

Finally, with obvious irony the the leader of the main opposition referred to the role of markets saying that “they are betting on the blackmail that markets will destroy Greece, if they don’t like the government that the Greek people will choose”.

“As if the markets will decide to commit suicide, because they will be deprived of the services of Mr. Samaras”, he concluded.

A harsh statement issued the government spokeswoman, Sophia Vooltepsis, commenting on the speech of the President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, in Ioannina.

“Mr. Tsipras has not understood nor where Greece was, nor what it has surpassed, nor where it goes”, she stressed, adding that “he scares the markets and investors, ruminates a nonexistent “program”, blackmails with early elections, undermines the Democracy and stability, does whatever he can to plunge our country in the deepest darkness of anarchy and chaos”.

“Mr. Tsipras will go down in history as the only opposition leader who was torpedoing, until the last possible moment, the future of his own country, because he insists to see the destruction of Greece as a personal salvation floating plank”, continued Mrs. Vooltepsis.