Alexis Tsipas inaugurates Ionian highway

Alexis Tsipas inaugurates Ionian highway

On Tuesday morning Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras inaugurated the Ionian highway, saying it is a strategic project for all Greece and Epirus and upgrades Greece’s role in the wider region, as well as trade, tourism and transport.

The PM added that the benefits from the Ionian Highway would multiply if it is included in a wider plan, which includes the construction of a new port in Igoumenitsa, a connection of the Ionian Highway with Preveza and Agrinio and its extention to Kakavia on the Greek-Albanian border.

The Prime Minister underlined that with the Ionian Highway, the airport of Ioannina is being upgraded into a hub airport for tourists.

Once more Tsipras reiterated that the country is turning page and that it “is well on its way out of the economic crisis”.

Our vision is a new era of fair growth that contributes to all society and especially the weakest, the prime minister said./IBNA