Alexander Tourkolias: Optimism for the stress tests

Alexander Tourkolias: Optimism for the stress tests


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The support of the real economy prioritizes the “National Bank Group” NBG, combined of course with the implementation of a plan for its restructure.

The CEO of the bank Alexander Tourkolias speaking at the conference of Greek Institute of Internal Auditors on “Internal control in the middle of developments”, said that most loans of the National Bank are investment loans and lead to the creation of new jobs.

“With existing dfigures we can sleep soundly”, said Tourkolias on the capital adequacy of the bank, and stressed that the “National Bank” has a strong liquidity.

The CEO of the National Bank said that the new business model within the new development model of the country, which is under development, will be based on extroversion, support for new technologies and human resources, rather than extreme internal consumption that existed before the crisis. The loans will be smaller and the involvement of the companies in their investment plans bigger, so as to be sustainable and have greater yields, he said.

For National Bank, internal control over time is the compass for its activity, Tourkolias said, and noted that banks in our country have over time developed advanced system of internal control, which is continuously adjusted to new requirements.

For the new supervisory framework at European level to be put in place, he said that the control will be suffocating, diverse and require immediate response to those controlled, and the system at European and domestic level will be tested as it will experience vibrations. “In the National Bank were are properly prepared and stand ready, having inter alia, strengthen Internal Audit and have give clear instructions”, said Tourkolias.