Alert for violence in the prisons of FYROM, the death of a 21 year old remains a mystery

Alert for violence in the prisons of FYROM, the death of a 21 year old remains a mystery

Andreas Redzepov, an inmate from Suto Orizari in Skopje has died during the weekend in the largest prison of Idrizovo. His death has been considered suspicious by the family, but also other inmates who have been witnesses.

The relatives of the 21 year old young man say that his death has been caused by the violence exerted by prison wardens and not by the excess consumption of medications, which is stated in the report issued by Hospital of Skopje, where the inmate was admitted a few moments prior to his death. Family members also accused the heads of the prison for not intervening in time in offering medical assistance.

“They have beaten him a lot. My son didn’t use drugs or alcohol. When I visited him in prison, they didn’t let me see him. My son died at the age of 21. Who will bring him back to me?”, says Xhemile Redzepova, mother of the inmate.

Gege Demirovski, activist for the rights of the Roma community said that the 21 year old boy died as a result of violence.

“We have information from other inmates that the victim was taken to a small room and was beaten”, Demirovski said.

Meanwhile, prison of Izdrovo has issued a statement saying that they’re expecting an official report of the autopsy to discover the real causes of the death. Meanwhile, this prison dismisses any accusation according to which authorities there haven’t reacted in time.

Andreas Redzepov was suffering a 12 year prison sentence for different offenses.

The Ombudsman has sent a team in the prison of Izdrovo to investigate the case of the death of the 21 year old.

In the past three months, five cases of deaths have been registered among inmates in the prison of Izdrovo. According to the prosecution, these deaths have come as a result of serious diseases and suicides. /