Albin Kurti steps down as leader of Self Determination

Albin Kurti steps down as leader of Self Determination

Pristina, January 21, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Albin Kurti, leader of Self Determination has stepped down from this post. Kurti announced this through an open letter for Self Determination activists and citizens of the country, where he explains the reasons why he has decided to step down from this position.

Kurti said that in the last meeting of the General Committee of the party on January 11, 2015, it was decided to carry out a restructuring of the party.

Kurti says that during this meeting, he decided to go back to the party’s base, where he’s needed the most.

“But, in order to do such thing, I concluded that I must not be leader. It’s impossible to work in the base if I’m also a party chairman”, writes Kurti in his letter.

“I understand that many of you may be upset by this decision-as if Self Determination cannot go on without me. I have lots of faith on the Movement and you. There can be no difficulties that can stop us and attacks that back us off”, says Kurti.

Kurti has considered this as an extraordinary decision and said that he has never been a common leader. In this letter, Kurti has also talked about the latest developments in the country, by saying that Kosovo has never been worse than this since the proclamation of its independence seven years ago.

Kurti has also mentioned illegal migration, unemployment and corruption. He said that the aim of Self Determination is to support middle class and the poor class in the country.

Self Determination is known for its protests against previous governments and the current government in Kosovo. /ibna/