“Albania’s economy is stable”

“Albania’s economy is stable”

The current indicators of the Albanian economy show that it has macroeconomic stability. Meanwhile, Albania’s economic activity has continued to show improvements.

Such fact was announced by the governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko during the meeting with senior officials of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, in their annual meetings which were held in the US.

The head of the Central Bank of Albania has also reported on the performance of the banking system, saying that this system has a good level of capital and liquidity.

As far as the high level of the euronization is concerned, he reported that a long strategic approach is being followed to de-euronize the economy by reducing the amount that it’s used.

On the other hand, IMF and World Bank representatives said in front of the Albanian senior official that the tackling of the main challenges that the Albanian economy faces, the preservation of stability and the continuation of structural reforms, remain key to the improvement of the business climate and the aim to attract as many foreign investments in Albania. /balkaneu.com/