Albanians must not sell their vote, appeals the President of Republic

Albanians must not sell their vote, appeals the President of Republic

Tirana, 25 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

President of Albania launched a strong appeal today for voters asking them not to sell their vote on June 21.

Bujar Nishani addressed the nation (photo) about the 21 June 2015 local government elections.

At the focus of his message was the call not to sell the vote. “Do not sell your vote! It has no price. Selling your vote is a disgrace which will tarnish you all. The candidate that buys your vote, does not respect you, he only lies you, despises you and hates you”, Mr. Nishani says.

The president said that “the ugly and indecent phenomenon of the sale and purchase of the vote, has been seen in past elections”. Nishani refers to police reports and public denouncements for the sale and purchase of votes by the Socialist Movement for Integration and Socialist Party, events for which both parties said that they were insignificant events, denying that they had turned into a repeated phenomenon.

For president Nishani, the vote must not be exchanged. “It’s possible to complain for whom you have voted in a normal manner, but who has not lived up to your trust. But to correct someone that you’ve sold your vote too, is impossible. There is no favor that can buy a vote. The vote must be deserved. Denounce any effort of purchasing votes! Do not become victims of this catastrophic phenomenon, of this fatal error, the destructive consequences of which will be long suffered”. /ibna/